The Hare Restaurant
Scawton, Nr Helmsley,
North Yorkshire YO7 2HG

Telephone: 01845 597 769

Our Menu

North Yorkshire is a fine county to be in and, where we can, we try and source as much produce as locally as we can.


Click here to see a sample menu We offer tasting menus only (no a la carte menu)

It's a leisurely affair, and we only book our tables once each evening so there's no rush. You can enjoy each dish (and each glass of wine!) at your own pace. We suggest 3 hours for the 6 course menu (Wednesday - Friday only) and 4 hours for the Tasting menu.

Booking is Essential

Please note, we take bookings only. We prepare the food each day, based on the numbers we have booked so we may not be able to accommodate you should you just happen to drop by. This helps reduce the waste and ensures the food is as fresh as possible. So if you are thinking of visiting please call us on 01845 59 77 69 to book.

Dietary Requirements

Please let us know about any dietary requirements, allergies etc at the time of booking as we prepare the food depending on the number we have booked in (some of the ingredients in the alternative dishes we can offer may not be present in our kitchens if we dont know about your dietary needs) If you suffer from any allergies or have specific dietary requirements please click here for our Allergen advice . We do offer a vegetarian and pescatarian menu but we require at least 24 hours notice to order in and prepare some of the ingredients.

We want you to enjoy your dining expereince with us, so if you have any questions or queries, please contact us on 01845 59 77 69 or email us;

Paul and his team are forever changing the menu, which keeps dishes seasonal and exciting. The use of modern techniques and creativity produces some really stunning dishes. Click here to see a sample menu

Due to the nature and size of our business we ask for a small deposit to confirm your booking (£20 per head which is returned to you on the day of your visit). We also operate on a first come first served basis as we have limited tables.

Our Duck come from Yorkshire Ducks and Geese, our Venison comes from Holme Farmed Venison and our Fish from Hodgsons.

"It seems Paul feels able to flex his muscles and push the boat out with creative flair and a little experimentation on the plate."

"My scallops reminded me of a Kandinsky painting - little dabs of bright colour, dribbles of sauce and scatterings of leaf and vegetable. If it sounds like a style over substance mess, it isn’t."